In Brazil, there is a banana candy that is often sold at kiosks, the check-out of convenience stores, and gas stations: the BANANINHA. Bananinha is not much more than dried banana and sugar, but the flavor is about ten times as intense as a super-market variety Cavendish.

When I lived in Brazil, I ate these at least twice a week. I found this bananinha at Búzios, a Brazilian grocery on W. 46th St. between 5th and 6th Avenues, where the owner is a bahiana (for those who do not speak Portuguese, this is not the same thing as a bananinha; bahianas are women from Bahia, a state in Northeastern Brazil; bananinhas are the little banana candies which are the subject of this post).
At Búzios they sell queijo de minas (fresh cheese wheels from Minas Gerais), guaraná (Brazilian soda), dried beans, bikinis, perfumes, and BANANINHA.

It's too good not to eat the whole thing right away.

É bom demais.

All gone.


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Tandye said...

Waaaaa...I am addicted. Do you have any clue how to order them outside of Brazil? I cannot find any sellers near me. Boo.