A certain slant of light

Last night, after jumping back and forth from pool to badminton, we sat down to a simple salad with lettuce and radicchio.

I love the soft evening light cutting through the patio in this photo, lighting up the yellow of the lettuce and the yellow of the aperitivo that I've mixed with mineral water. Aperitivo, like so many things that I am finding here in Italy, is a throwback to the herbal tonics that I drank occasionally in Buenos Aires.

As I anticipated, I am seeing Italy through what I know of Latin America. It is a bit like when you meet someone who bears a striking resemblance to a close friend (or enemy) of yours, and you are inclined to treat that new person with the same affection (or disdain) that you would treat your long-time acquaintance, until enough time goes by that you are able to differentiate the two, and the new person is no clouded with the specter of that other. I think this is what I am experiencing with Italy: in it I see bits and pieces of pastoral Chile, Argentina's grand metropoli, and Brazil's Baroque cities. I have to restrain myself from pointing out such coincidences to my companions, for they are my own associations, and are likely to bore them. In the meanwhile I have my eyes open as wide as they will go, trying to stamp these new sights onto my lens so that this month is lived in the fruitful, breathing present.

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Emily Jolie said...

I love the golden evening light in the photo, as well, and, oh, that salad looks so delicious! I would like to transport myself there and sit down to eat it with you!

In fact, the table cloth, the light, the salad... reminds me of summer evenings spent with my family in France and stirs a longing for that.

Thank you for sharing! I love your photos, as well as your writing!