Gelati per tutti

I love how Italian gelati are arranged in such a harmonious way, colorwise. They are so very tempting! -- but I'm beginning to think that gelati looks better than it tastes, for I've yet to find a cone that I've been truly satisfied with here. I don't know if I should attribute this to the fact that we're staying far from Italy's major cities, but in the meanwhile there's only one solution: to eat gelati in every city we visit, in search of that perfect cone.

Even with cone in hand, it's hard not to contemplate the next one:

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Emily Jolie said...

In my hometown in Germany, Italian families would come spend the summers and open up their ice cream shops, then go back to Italy for the winter time. This brings back childhood memories!

When I first moved to NY (I now live in CA), I missed 'real' Italian food. Italian food in NY is very different from Italian food in Germany (or Italy). Funny, because, to New Yorkers, of course, their Italian food is the 'real' thing!