Peas or beans?

I have been making some changes to the design of this blog today, and I'm wondering what other people think. My most reliable design team -- my sister and my husband -- are neither one around, so I just have to go with my gut, unless I get some response from you.

Mainly, I changed the title from a picture of sea peas (all very beautiful, yes) --

-- to cranberry beans --

-- which I think are a more appropriate introduction to my blog, to reflect the alimentary themes found within.

That, and I have been known at times to be the "bean lady."

Lunch today was a case in point: I made the garbanzo bean recipe that has won over many friends and influenced people in unusual ways in the last few months. These beans came from the can, but what food item did I bring back especially from Italy? -- you may ask. Olive oil? Aceto balsamico di Modena? Prosciutto? No, no, no! Beans -- this year's crop of little white beans from Lake Trasimeno. And I'm already planning all of the beans that I am going to order from Rancho Gordo as soon as we move into our new apartment at the end of the month. Good beans are worth it. And I'm not even vegetarian! But I digress...

Yay or nay to the beans? If you have trouble deciding, I can give you a recipe...just ask.


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elizabeth said...

I love the beans. Although the peas are green and green is very nice. The warmer colours in the beans header make me feel cozy-summer, while the peas have a more deserty feel. I say, go for the beans.

And thanks for the recipe! I haven't tried the slaw; normally I don't like slaws but this one seems simple enough without too many crazy flavours that I think I'll have to try it. I ended up cooking potatoes [http://www.recipezaar.com/111044] instead (minus the cheese) and was quite happy once filled. I even hid in the bedroom with the fan on while they cooked.