In person

Today I had the fortune of having lunch with a woman whom I met through this larger world of blogging, and I must say that, as she was the second person to have stepped out of my computer and into my life, that the experience quite agrees with me. Thanks, Emily Jolie.

It is heartening to see my circle expand, and to realize that the words that I put out into the world -- these flimsy, fragile tones -- can come back to me in flesh and blood, in communion and blessing. As I type these slim paragraphs I may be alone in my apartment, my husband gone to the library to study with his classmates, but I feel accompanied in my journey towards wholeness and healing.

Thank you, to all of you who have left me comments here, who have encouraged me to continue writing; to those of you who have written me private emails, who have shared snippets of your life to me; and thanks to the few who have gotten up the courage to suggest meeting in person, and for being as delightful in real life as through your online identities.

And now, back in New York, this rainy night greets me, and I must attend to other business.


Emily Jolie said...

I am smiling as I am reading your post. :) It was a joy to meet you, Ai Lu, and sit and talk with you over a delicious lunch in Manhattan on a rainy day! I walked away feeling light and glowing. Thank you for contributing to such a beautiful day! Yesterday was one of those days that will always stand out in my memory.

I look forward to our next in-person meeting already! :)

with warmth,


ania said...

Oh, how wonderful!!

I just read Emily Jolie's comment over her way, and was confused about her having been to Manhattan. I didn't realize she was out of town.

Then I come here and read that she also had an opportunity to meet you.

She is filling her life with beautiful people and connections, as well as sharing her own light an love and compassion.

I'm so glad for you two.

With so much warmth....

Emily Jolie said...

Of course Ania was going to leave the most beautiful comment! :)

You can now read about our encounter on my blog, too, Ania.

with love to you both,