When food loses its charm

Hi! Are you still here? I have been gone lately, thinking about this site and whether I want to keep writing about things in the same old fashion. So that partially explains my absence. That, and the start of a new semester of grad school, ready to provide me with any number of excuses for not posting here.

To tell you the truth, food hasn't interested me much lately. I've been doing the same old cooking for myself as usual (a woman has gotta eat), but I haven't been pouring over recipes in the way I normally do. I have had friends over, and tried new foods, but my new issue of Gourmet didn't set me athrill like it did just a few months ago, and I haven't ventured beyond my Asian/Japanese phase for quite a while. I'll keep eating seaweed salads and simmered tofu and noodle soup, thank you very much -- but I just don't feel much like writing about them. They're just food, after all. I have other things to worry about, and none of them revolve around eating.

Maybe this is a good thing -- after all, many eating disorders start (and end?) -- with food obsessions. But, much to my chagrin, I haven't posted anything here in 10 days! In the meanwhile, I have been thinking a lot about other things that I want to write about, like mental illness in general (beyond eating disorders), and my experiences earlier this year caring for my father as he dealt with his own mental illness. I also want to write more about exercise, and being active, especially about cycling and the thrill of the road. And did I ever mention that I am Buddhist? Sometime I would like to write about meditation, and how I think it can help with mental illness.

So, I'm putting this out there: I'm not sure what this space is going to turn into, if it even turns into anything. I'm just open to trying something new here, writing about things that only tangentially touch upon food and eating disorders, in the hopes of opening this space up to that other thing, life, vida, that forms part of the title. Life, and happiness.


P.S. Above: Portuguese egg custards in Macao. Below: sautéed lotus root, fresh soy milk, and
natto (fermented soy beans).


Brandi said...

Just write about whatever you want to write about. That's my advice. The moment you force yourself to write about things you don't feel like writing about, is the moment you should quit blogging. Or at least take a break.

At least that's my blogging philosophy. And the reason why my blog has no theme whatsoever.

Jennifer said...

Hey, that's okay. I commented on one of your first posts and for what it's worth, your blog has aided me in recovery and your words will continue to inspire me. Because you've opened up an alternative way to viewing food that is beyond temptuous and pornographic or purely nutritional, I've been able to think around that too. I have a lot of respect for your approach to life, and like you I'm quite an academic. Now that I eat well and can focus on what I do, I find I'm not preoccupied by what used to drag me down way more in the worst times of my ED. You don't have to write for the hell of it, but do keep this blog up!

Thank you and be well!


ania said...

Dear Ai Lu,

I look forward to the other facets that you choose to share.

And, also? Also, I still believe that you have the most brilliant blog-title ever.

With warmth....